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 The goal of NCR is to build a joint knowledge base promoting co-operation between the most important scientific institutes in the field of river studies organized by the NCR partners.

The Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR) is a cooperative network of governmental and independent research institutes and universities, all working in the field of river studies. The NCR links the strongest expertise of its partners, forming a true centre of excellence in river studies.

NCR has two key functions:

  1. Committed co-operation between the NCR Partners
  2. Providing a networking platform: NCR organises workshops and meetings to exchange expertise and experience not only between the partners, but everyone related to or interested in river studies.


We focus on multi-disciplinary research when possible and mono-disciplinary research when necessary. Our multi-disciplinary approach is demonstrated in the former IRMA-SPONGE (see our history) and the current RiverCare research programmes. The disciplines within NCR are contributed by its partners and include not in particular order:

  • Hydrology and Fluvial Hydraulics
  • Geomorphology and sedimentology
  • River ecology and water quality
  • River governance, serious gaming and spatial planning.


The NCR is a co-operative, committed network consisting of 9 partners and three organisational bodies:

  • the Programme committee meets four times a year and comprises of one senior officer from each partner. The Programme committee draws up the framework research programmes, meetings and workshops. The programme committee is chaired by dr. Ralph Schielen of Rijkswaterstaat.
  • the Supervisory board meets annually. The supervisory board functions as a general steering committee. The board is chaired by prof. dr. Jaap Kwadijk of Deltares.
  • The Programme Secretary, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of NCR and contact with the partners and the extended network. The current programme secretary is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Deltares.

The NCR partners, in alphabetical order:

Acknowledge NCR

If you benefited from the NCR in your project, we encourage you to acknowledge us in your products! You can use the following acknowledgement: This research has benefited from cooperation within the network of the Netherlands Centre for River studies. 

Related networks

The NCR is closely related to the Netherlands Centre for Coastal research (NCK). Visit the NCK website for more information.



NCR was officially founded on October 8th 1998 by its founding fathers (amongst others) Eric Marteijn of RWS-RIZA, Eelco van Beek (WL|Delft Hydraulics)  and Ad van Os (WL|Delft Hydraulics) . The first partners were the Universities of Delta, Nijmegen, Twente, UNESCO-IHE, the Staring Centre and the Institute for Forestry and Nature Development.


First NCR-Days were held by WL|Delft Hydraulics, TNO-NITG and Alterra (formed from the Staring-Centre and Institute for Forestry and Nature Development) join NCR.


Conclusion of the joint research programme IRMA-SPONGE, sponsored by the EU (INTERREG-IIC) that was set-up and coordinated by the NCR.


Wageningen University joins NCR


Start of the integrated project (IP) FLOODsite funded within the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission.


Deltares is formed from WL|Delft Hydraulics and parts of TNO and RWS.  The remaining part of RWS still devoted to river studies joins NCR as RWS-WD (Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst). Closing conference of FLOODsite.

NCR celebrates her 10th anniversary at the NCR-DAYS 2008 organised by Deltares in Dalfsen.


Rijkswaterstaat re-organises and is henceforth represented as RWS-WVL (Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving).  

NCR celebrates her 15th anniversity the the NCR-DAYS 2013 at UNESCO-IHE.


The NCR partners, spearheaded by the University of Twente, submit and are awarded the joint research programme ‘RiverCare’.


Alterra and Wageningen University join forces are from now on represented as 'Wageningen University & Research'