The NCR DAYS 2018 will be held the Deltares Campus

Program (preliminary)

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Thematic sessions

When you submit an abstract, also mention which thematic session you which to submit your abstract to. Note that the sessions are preliminary and may be subject to change or cancellation pending abstract submission.

  • Session I – Morpho- and hydrodynamic processes
    • Short- and long-term morphology, fluid mechanics, groundwater flow
  • Session II – Rivers, health and ecosystems
    • Ecology, biology and river-health interaction
  • Session III – Effectively communicating & participating in fluvial science
    • Communication of research, participation & collaboration in society, collaborative modelling, serious gaming, participative measuring, data visualisation
  • Session IV – Towards multifunctional, self-sustaining rivers
    • Interdisciplinary research, multifunctional use of rivers, asset management, water & flood-risk management, hydropower, inland shipping, building with nature
  • Session V – Advances in river modelling and measuring
    • Physical and numerical modelling applications, fundamental improvements to numerical methods, uncertainty and sensitivity, earth observation, remote & in-situ sensing
  • Session VI – Estuaries and deltas
    • Hydro- and morphodynamic processes specific to deltas and estuaries, salinity intrusion, urbanisation and multi-functional use of deltas, tidal rivers
  • Session VII – Understanding river engineering
    • Interventions to reduce flood risk, river training, safety structures, hydraulic engineering, sub-surface foundations

Preliminary program

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