Project A - Optimizing longitudinal training dams 
Project lead: Ton Hoitink (Wageningen University)

Project B - Side Channels and erosion of natural banks 
Project lead: Wim Uijttewaal (Delft University of Technology)

Project C - Regional water systems
Project lead: Jakob Wallinga (Wageningen University)

Project D - Sediment nourishment and floodplain monitoring
Project lead: Astrid Blom (Delft University of Technology)

Project E - Ecosystem services and floodplain rehabilitation
Project lead: Rob Leuven (Radboud University)

Project F - River Governance: uncertainties, participation and collaboration 
Project lead: Suzanne Hulscher (University of Twente)

Project G - Communication programma outcome: knowledge base, visualisation and Virtual River
Project lead: Suzanne Hulscher (University of Twente)

Project H - Self-supporting hydrosystems and valorisation
Project lead: Toine Smits (Radboud University)


RiverCare researchers and supervisors at the RiverCare day of November 29th 2016

RiverCare group photo