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Researcher Frank Collas MSc
Position PhD Researcher
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Ton Hoitink (Wageningen University)
  Rob Leuven (Radboud University)
Tom Buijsse (Deltares)
Jan Hendriks (Radboud University)
Duration  15/09/2014 - 15/09/2018
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About the project

A2 RiverCare KDD 2016The PhD project aims to acquire ecological knowledge that can be used to derive a sound design and management strategy of longitudinal training dams (LTDs) that allows ecological rehabilitation of regulated rivers. Data will be collected on the tolerance of several species group to (physical) riverine limitations. The acquired data will be used to derive species sensitivity distribution. Additionally, field surveys on biodiversity and ecotope development behind the LTD and other river training structures will be performed. This enables an evaluation of the ecological effect of LTDs through time and compared to other river training structures (i.e. river groynes, rip rap banks and side channels). Read two-pages overview >>





Documents & Publications


 Conference proceedings

  • Collas, F.P.L., A.D. Buijse, A.J. Hendriks, AR.S.E.W. Leuven (2015). Using species sensitivity distributions for assessing effects of river management measures on native and non-native mollusc assemblages, Proceedings of the 2nd international meeting on biology and conservation of freshwater bivalves, Buffalo, 4-8 October, 2015. pp. 48.

  • Collas, F.P.L., A.D. Buijse, A.J. Hendriks, R.S.E.W. Leuven (2015). The use of species sensitivity distributions and monitoring to predict the ecological effect of longitudinal training dams. In: H.J.R. Lenders, F.P.L. Collas, G.W. Geerling, R.S.E.W. Leuven (Eds.). Bridging gaps between river science, governance and management. Book of abstracts NCR-days 2015, NCR Publication 39-2015, 1-2 October 2015, Radboud University, Nijmegen, pp. 19-22.

  • Panten, K., Collas, F.P.L., Buijse, A.D., Hendriks, A.J., and Leuven, R.S.E.W. (2015). Sensitivity of native and introduced fish species to changes in flow velocity of European rivers. In: Lenders, H.J.R., Collas, F.P.L., Geerling, G.W., and Leuven, R.S.E.W. (Eds). (2015). Bridging gaps between river science, governance and management. NCR days 2015, NCR-publication 39-2015: 101-104.