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Researcher Menno Straatsma PhD
Position PostDoc
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Toine Smits (Radboud University)
  Hans Middelkoop (Utrecht University)
  Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht University)
Duration  01-08-2014 - 01-08-2017
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Physical Geography UU

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About the project

H1 RiverCare KDD 2016In river management practice, interactive tools (map table, ‘blokkendoos’) are being used to quickly assess the hydrological effects of landscaping measures to create support for interventions. What is currently not available is a 2D integrated model of the river system that can cope with hydromorphodynamic processes as well as ecological processes to support an optimal choice of landscaping measures. From a practical perspective, additional value will be created by a fast and complete overview of the possible layouts of the fluvial landscape, which can inform and direct decision making processes.

The objective of this research is to determine the optimal set of river landscaping measures and evaluate the evolution over time to support decision making.

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