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Researcher Swinda Pfau MSc
Position PhD Researcher
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Toine Smits (Radboud University)
  Rob Leuven (Radboud University)
Duration  01/-1/2015 - 01/01/2017
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About the project

H2 2 RiverCare KDD 2016River systems provide a variety of ecosystem services (ES). Some of these ES could be valorized to finance landscape maintenance required to comply with safety and nature regulations. At the same time, maintenance measures may influence the systems’ capacity to provide ES negatively or positively. Furthermore, ES should be used in a sustainable way to ensure their continued provision and ecosystem health. In this research we will focus on the potential of one specific ES: biomass. The development of a so-called bioeconomy, for which biomass is the primary resource, is considered to be an important step in the replacement of fossil resources for the production of a variety of commodities. The goal of this research is to provide new insights on sustainable use of residual biomass and the steps that can be taken now to reach a sustainable situation in the future.

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